Over the years, thousands of veterans served their country and were awarded medals they never received and the Veterans Museum would like to do something about it.

While veterans may write and request their medals themselves, our museum is offering to help you wade through the process.

To date the Veterans Museum has received over 32 requests from local veterans and family members of veterans for assistance. The museum has personally helped all the veterans request their medals online and by mail from the Government.

Gary Farris, the director of the museum has found out from personal experience that the Government does not always follow through with medal replacement for veterans. For fear that this may occur the museum is preparing to purchase the medals for the men, women, and families that so proudly served their country.

The Veterans Museum plans to hold a medal-awarding ceremony in late the late spring early summer. Arrangements have been made with the Army, Marines, and Navy to attend in (dress uniform) and present the medals to our local veterans.

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