Learn how to give tours at the Veterans Museum of Mid Ohio Valley by enrolling in an educational training course. Each course consists of four two-hour classes. The final event is an open house with the students acting as docents, explaining the displays within the museum to parents, family, and friends. Each student will receive a notebook and certificate of completion.

The course will help students increase skills in:
  *Knowledge in military history
  *Public speaking                                                                                      
  *Volunteer public service
 With the continued support of the community, the museum has implemented a $500.00 scholarship to its docent program.
Once a student has completed the Docent Program they will be given the opportunity to write a 500 word essay on veterans and their contributions to American freedom. The student will pick a veteran from the museums roster, and interview that individual using his story, as well as the history of our nations past wars to compile his/her essay. The student must demonstrate how the veterans’ life made an impact on our community during his time in the service. The winner will be determined by originality, grammar, and insight.


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